Krown Royal CBD

Krown Royal CBD

10 Full Spectrum seeds ,2:1 THC/CBD ratio.Krown Royal CBD 56-63 days
Krown Royal, a Cherry AK from clone crossed with a Royal Salute male (royal sour x long valley secret sauce ca.2013) Our selected cut was grown outdoors to a full-term and pollinated by males from the f2 generation of our 2020 lineup. Several different similar males were used in this generation to increase vigor. These parents were selected for fast flowering, a deep purple terp profile, and big buds with a high calyx : leaf ratio. Grows big green plants and purple buds with a gassy nose. The cannabinoids will range from 2:1 CBD:THC to 2:1 THC:CBD. They may also contain CBDV, CBC, CBG, and other minor cannabinoids.


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